Digestive Endoscopy Simulator

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions’ digestive endoscopy simulator is a virtual reality (VR)-based platform consisting of:

  • Intelligent Haptronic Solutions simulator
  • Intelligent Haptronic Solutions cloud and expert system
The digestive endoscopy simulator uses cloud computing technology to host medical data and the company’s proprietary surgical training artificial intelligence (AI) engine in the cloud. 
IHS Digestive Endoscopy Simulator Prototype

Digestive Endoscopy Simulator Prototype

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Digestive Endoscopy Simulator Alpha Prototype Model

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions' Digestive Endoscopy Simulator

Product FeatureS

Digestive Endoscopy procedure training and qualification

Digestive Endoscopy procedure education

Digestive Endoscopy procedure preparation

Product advantage

IHS digestive endoscopy training simulator provides a revolutionary training experience to surgeons/trainees through lifelike VR environment, realistic force feedback, and audio effect. In addition, our expert system is able to provide real time guidance throughout the training and a comprehensive report after the training. Compare to traditional training methods, IHS digestive endoscopy training simulator provides higher training quality, repeatability and efficiency.

Prototype Demonstration


Conventional Training

Training Method
  • Traditional classroom lecturing
  • Clinical training
  • Supervised training with a preceptor

Training Scale and Cycle
  • 6 months
  • 1 preceptor to 2-5 trainees
Competency Assessment
  • Stomach observation success rate
  • Passing pyloric success rate
  • Training time, etc.

Virtual Reality simulation tRAINING

Training Method
  • Computer-simulated virtual environment with realistic haptic force feedback, visual, and audio elements
  • Various training modules
  • Real-time guidance and expert feedback from an artificial intelligence (AI) engine
Training Scale and Cycle
  • 3-6 months duration
  • High trainee to device ratio 
Competency Assessment
  • Provided comprehensive monitoring and            analytics of various training procedures, key points through IHS AI technology.