ENDOGITRAIN™ Lite is suitable for small hospitals, and training centers and large teaching hospital with distance education. The product includes 4 major parts:

ENDOGITRAIN™ Lite Endocsope Handle
ENDOGITRAIN™ Lite Digestive Endoscopy VR Training Software
Expert System, Cloud Platform
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VR Training Scene

  • 3D model rendering of the upper GI tract
  • Rendering of the muscle movement of the entire upper GI tract according to the configurable virtual patient status
  • Customizable lesions, including the type of polyps, and the location of the lesions
  • Rendering of endoscopy tools: endoscope handle, biopsy forceps and snares
  • Lesion rendering: different types of polyps and ulcers
  • Liquid rendering: water, gastric juice, blood

Operation Training Modules

  • Basic Endoscopy Training Module
  • Upper GI Training Module
  • Lower GI Training Module

Operational Management + Intelligent Guidance

  • Provides 3 types of user logins including: trainee, expert and administrator
  • Provide real-time guidance, real-time videos recording and photos analysis
  • Show the photos of the corresponding training process and its coverage area on a 3D model
  • Provide a set of standardized intelligent training modules with training analysis and grading

ENDOGITRAIN™ Lite Testimonial