Zhouming Tang

Simon Fraser University, M.A.Sc., research field is medical robotics and haptics. Extensive experience in computer hardware and software design. Multiple related research paper publications in IEEE conferences. Successfully researched and developed a haptic interface for a 7-DOF haptic device (U.S. patent) designed for surgical training applications in 2010.

Vp Engineering

Mustapha Aassouli

University of British Columbia, B.A.Sc., extensive experience in computer hardware design, embedded software design and robot control algorithms.

Senior Product Engineer

Greg Powell

University of Victoria, B.A.Sc. EE. Over 18 years experience in product design, development and manufacturing process. 

Senior Product Engineer

Hill Xu

Jilin University China, Bachelor of Information Management and Information System, extensive experience in database development and administration. Former Senior IT Specialist at IBM Corporation.

Project manager (China)

Qu Deng

Wuhan University, China, B.A.Sc, Computer Science. 10+ yrs medical software project management experience. Experienced with medical customer relations. Deep understanding about the medical industry. Experienced with computer system design and testing

Product Engineer (cHINA)

Qianqian Hu

Graduated In Hunan Agricultural University, major in software development. 2 years experience in Windows platform development and familiar with client side development.

Product Engineer (china)

Litao Zou

Graduated in Guangdong Xi’an Vocational and Technical College, major in computer network Technology. Familiar in the area of database and C# programming. 

Marketing Coordinator

Patricia Chak

Graduated In Simon Fraser University Bachelor of Art in Communication and Publishing. Experience in radio broadcasting and digital marketing.

Accounting & Administrative Assistant (china)

Lin He

Graduated in Shenzhen University, Bachelor in Business Management. 3 years in financial administrative management experience. Familiar in the area of business, taxing and banking. Proficient in financial software.

Marketing Coordinator (china)

Liting Ou

Graduated in North China Institute Of Aerospace Engineering, Bachelor in Marketing Planning. 4 years  marketing and event planning experience,  such as product launch press conferences. Experienced with supply chain management and business negotiation.    

Medical consultant

Dr. Bo Jiang

Director of the department of gastroenterology. Nation’s renown expert in gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy operation. Extensive experience in applying surgical simulators in practical surgical training


Dr. Shahram Payandeh

Simon Fraser University professor, well known and respected researcher. Research fields include medical robotics, haptics, computer vision, virtual reality etc. Has obtained multiple U.S. patents, and publications in world renown journals.