Board Members & Shareholders

Board Members

Zhouming Tang

Zhouming obtained his MASc from Simon Fraser University (SFU), with a focus on medical robotics and haptics. He has authored research publications in IEEE journals and conferences and holds a U.S. patent for a haptic device designed for surgical training applications. Before founding the company, Zhouming was a senior silicon architecture verification engineer at Microsemi with over 6 years of system design and validation experience. Since the establishment of IHS, he has led the team to obtain several patents in China, dozens of software copyrights, and has won many entrepreneurial competition awards, such as the world's top ten roadshow projects at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and the top ten roadshow projects at the 2020 Shenzhen Returnee Entrepreneurship Conference, Suzhou leading talents, Shaoxing leading talents. Zhouming has a comprehensive and feasible vision, and concrete planning for R&D and market operation of the IHS surgical simulation project.

Rosen Luo

Vice president of Shenzhen Broad Link Group, the chairman of ISVI, the executive director of China Chamber of International Commerce, the vice chairman of the Guangdong Haiqing Association, the deputy director of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Youth Committee, the vice chairman of the Shenzhen Returned Returnees Association He is the executive member of the Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce and the council, and the co-founder of the international brand of Chinese culture HelloKongzi.

Alex Lai

Alex Lai has been committed to the investment and research decision-making of the integration of Chinese and Western wisdom for more than ten years; he loves the investment industry and has rich practical experience, has unique insights into entrepreneurship and angel investment, and strives to practice the "people-oriented investment".



METAVALUE VENTURES was established in 2016. It adheres to the “people-oriented” origin investment philosophy, focuses on the discovery and investment of high-quality start-ups, invests its own funds in entrepreneurial projects at the angel stage, and focuses on medical technology, robotics, fields such as the digital economy. METAVALUE VENTURES focuses on long-term value investment, and uses the self-developed equity investment quantitative analysis system (Cellarius Tianxing) throughout investment research and judgment.

Lu You Investment

Lu You Investment was co-founded by seasoned industry investment professionals, senior executives of listed companies, domestic renowned scholars and international renowned scholars. It is an angel investment institution positioning itself in the domestic university technology achievement transformation.

Laimu Electronic

Laimu Electronics (SH.603633) was founded in 2003 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. It is a leading private brand that specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of precision electronic components, with a focus on connectors and shielding covers.

The company has a professional R&D team of over 200 people, with over 25 core technologies leading domestically and over 100 patents. It has four major manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, and Guangdong, and employs over 2,000 people. It provides connection solutions to industries such as telecommunications, mobile phones, automotive, photovoltaic, and energy storage. Some of its representative clients include Bosch, Continental, Huawei, BYD, CATL, and Tesla. The company is committed to building a world-class precision electronic component R&D and manufacturing enterprise.

Gesheng Fei

Gesheng Fei is an individual angel investor and securities investor. He graduated from Zhejiang University in 1989. With more than 31 years of securities investment experience and over 17 years of professional securities investment experience, he also started angel investment in 2009. 

In terms of angel investment, he has invested in over 50 early-stage equity projects in areas such as quantum communication, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, new materials, VR/AR, and biomedicine. One of his successful cases is the investment in Quantum Communication leading enterprise QuantumCTek (688027), where he is one of the founding shareholders of QuantumCTek.

Aplus Labs

With the mission of promoting the “Made in China 2025” national development strategy, Aplus Labs is positioned as the world’s leading service platform for the intelligent manufacturing industry. An in-depth industrial service system with all elements and a full life cycle focuses on cultivating new smart terminals, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, and enhancing the international competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing.

Hong Xiu Venture Capital

Hongxiu Venture Capital was established in November 2015. It is mainly engaged in equity investment in women’s economy. The investment industries include TMT, new consumption, medical health, education and other fields. Project, committed to creating a unique – professional women’s economic investment institution.