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We are a group of experienced engineers, researchers, and innovators driven by passion to push the frontiers of simulation technology. Working closely with clinicians and medical education experts in Canada and China, we aim to redefine medical training.

Vancouver, Canada

Zhouming Tang

Zhouming obtained his MASc from Simon Fraser University (SFU), with a focus on medical robotics and haptics. He has authored research publications in IEEE journals and conferences and holds a U.S. patent for a haptic device designed for surgical training applications. Before founding the company, Zhouming was a senior silicon architecture verification engineer at Microsemi with over 6 years of system design and validation experience. Since the establishment of IHS, he has led the team to obtain several patents in China, dozens of software copyrights, and has won many entrepreneurial competition awards, such as the world's top ten roadshow projects at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and the top ten roadshow projects at the 2020 Shenzhen Returnee Entrepreneurship Conference, Suzhou leading talents, Shaoxing leading talents. Zhouming has a comprehensive and feasible vision, and concrete planning for R&D and market operation of the IHS surgical simulation project.

Ethan Gong

Ethan is a gaming and live industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in software development, team building, project management and product operations. He has worked on dozens of cross-platform games, including Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar, and Capsized. He has led the development of live streaming software, including an ad promotion platform and associated streaming encoder. Ethan holds a master's degree in computer science from Concordia University and several professional certifications, as well as two patents. Working closely with artists and engineers, Ethan's biggest challenge continues to be achieving the perfect combination of artistic design and technical implementation.

Deepak Thondapu

Deepak holds a MEng degree from SFU, with a focus in Mechatronics. He has 2+ years of experience working as a mechanical design engineer on aeroengines, and specializes in design for manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and embedded software.

Koosha Rezaiezadeh

Koosha is an electronics engineer with previous experience working with prominent electronics companies, including Bosch and KODAK. He graduated with a BASc from the University of British Columbia.

Aroosh Bhakhri

Aroosh has a Bachelor's of Computer Science with Specialization in Game Development from Full Sail University in Florida with 4+ years of experience working in the gaming and simulation industry. He has experience working with and making own game engines giving him deep insight of how rendering works and the math that goes behind it. He also has extensive experience developing VR/AR simulations and applications.

Marcus Naito

Marcus graduated from Okanagan College with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Field Of Study Computer Science. He has 13 years of experiences as a software engineer in various industries and is extremely skilled in C#/.Net and Java.

Francois Canlas

Francois graduated from Vancouver Film School under the program Foundation Visual Art & Design, 3D animation & Visual Effects. He has 5 years of experience working as a 3D artist for film, video games and architectural visualizations and specializes in 3D modeling. He also spent 1 year exploring the art of cinematography by working on documentary style video campaigns.

Stephanie Pan

Stephanie is in her 4th year of Biomedical Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is interested in devices with applications in the healthcare industry, and has gained mechanical and electrical experience from internships at Precision NanoSystems and Aspect Biosystems.

Philip McNeeley

Philip, recently pivoted into Mechatronics Systems Engineering and is currently enrolled into Simon Fraser University, has over 8 years of experience in aerospace as a licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and held various roles in BC and Alberta. Philip also has 5+ years of experience in additive manufacturing and electro-mechanical design.

Jessica Xing

Jessica is a seasoned HR Professional that has four and a half years of experience in well-known recruitment agencies, including Randstad, Michael Page, Robert Walters. She specializes in hiring technical, sales and accounting positions. She is also an expert of organizing events and performing ROI analysis.

Yang Wang

Yang graduated from John Molson School of Business majored in Marketing. She is seasoned in public relations management, specializes in social media management and marketing research, has helped various clients curate social media presence and reach business objectives.

Shenzhen, China

Qu Deng

Qu specializes in systems design and testing with over 10 years of medical software project management and medical customer relations experience under his belt. He graduated with a BASc in Computer Science from Wuhan University, China.

Rongjin Li

Graduated from Jilin University majoring in Mechatronics and has 20 years of experience in product design. Familiar with hardware circuit design, mechanical structure design, production control and quality control. Previous product designs have successfully obtained OEM and ODEM orders from large domestic and foreign companies.

Yuchao Shi

Pursuing a master degree in Harbin Institute of Technology on computer science and technology, Shi has 10 years of software development experience and 5 years of technical project management experience. He is an expert in building and developing B/S or C/S solutions for architecture system software. He has previously designed and developed system software for unmanned self-driving yachts, as well as project software for intelligent transportation and robotics.

Deqiang Xu

Major in Marketing, University of Science and Technology Beijing. More than 10 years of medical sales management experience. Familiar with hospital project development and medical resource integration. Familiar with the operating rules of the medical industry.

Liting Ou

Liting has a background in marketing and event planning, having graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing Planning from the North China Institute Of Aerospace Engineering. She has facilitated numerous product launches and press conferences, and has experience with supply chain management and business negotiation.

Lin He

Lin has over 3 years of experience working in financial administrative management and a strong knowledge base in the areas of business development, accounting, and banking. She graduated with a BBM from Shenzhen University.

Yijin Zhuo

Graduated from Tianjin Nankai University with a major in computer application technology, he has more than 10 years of experience in product on-site manufacturing, quality control and management, and has rich experience as a production engineer, and has given effective solutions.

Qin Peng

Qin has an impressive background of 13 years of accounting, 12 years of financial management, 8 years of business management and 6 years of equity investment. She specializes in business integration, financial management, also has participated in many investment and financing projects.

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