Strategic Partners

IHS draws on the strengths of its strategic partnerships with technology companies in the AI and VR space for product development, and professional services groups for growth acceleration. 

Virtro Entertainment, Inc.

IHS collaborates closely with Virtro Entertainment, a leader in AI and extended reality (AR, VR, MR) technologies, on product development and virtual modeling.

Virtus Groups

IHS’ works with Virtus Groups, a professional services group in Vancouver, CA, on commercialization strategy, marketing, and design projects.

Kangway Medial Model

Kangway Medial Model is partnered with IHS as the national distributor, to help market and promote IHS's world class medical training equipment in China.

SXUltrasonic Ltd.

SXUltrasonic Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that cooperates with IHS to market our medical robots and introduce suitable training machines and technologies for training centers in China.