Enabling faster skills acquisition and clinical readiness with lifelike medical simulation

Redefine surgical training with Intelligent Haptronic Solutions’ next generation VR simulation solutions. Train and assess clinicians over a breadth of surgical tasks and patient cases in exceptional clinical realism.

About IHS

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions is a medical robotics startup developing next generation medical simulation platforms for quality healthcare training.

Our interdisciplinary approach to simulation-based education combines the deep expertise of clinicians, educators, researchers, and engineers to provide effective training solutions for surgical skills acquisition and clinical performance.

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The Team

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Inc. is made up of industry experts, researchers, and clinicians who are motivated about improving the medical space and enabling the people in it. Bolstered by strong clinical and academic collaboration internationally, our people embody the quality and innovation behind our simulation technology solutions.

IHS Endoscopy Training Simulator

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions’ digestive endoscopy simulator is a VR-based platform that realistically models the gastrointestinal system. With the company’s force-feedback interface, anatomically accurate three-dimensional rendering, and AI engine, the simulator recreates a learner-centered experience representative of procedures performed on a real patient in the operating room.

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Digestive Endoscopy Simulator Alpha Prototype

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