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Augmented haptics and virtual reality modeling for enhanced surgical training and healthcare education

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions enables faster skills acquisition and clinical readiness with lifelike simulation

Redefine healthcare training with the next generation of virtual reality medical simulation. Train and assess learners over a breadth of surgical tasks and patient cases in exceptional clinical realism.

Simulation-based training tools for competency acquisition

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions develops advanced surgical simulation solutions that prepare healthcare professionals for exceptional clinical performance and safe patient care.

Our suite of simulators combine realistic virtual modeling, robust haptic feedback, and artificial intelligence technology to create the most immersive training environment for competency acquisition. 

The Future of Simulation Fidelity is Now

with Intelligent Haptronic Solutions

Our Technology

High fidelity simulation as a learning modality is built on the advancement of haptics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver the most realistic, effective hands-on training systems.


IHS Haptic Interface
IHS Force Feedback Controller
IHS Mechanical and Mathematical

Virtual Reality

3D Deformable Modeling
Collision Detection Engine

Artificial Intelligence

Haptic Machine Learning Algorithm
Path Planning Optimization
Motion Planning

Cloud Technology

IHS customer data management system
IHS data encryption

Meet the Team

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions is a team of experienced engineers, researchers, and clinicians driven by a united vision of empowered healthcare professionals and safer patient care.

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IHS智触团队斩获2022世界VR 产业大会VR/AR 年度创新奖

创新的我们,未来可期 Click here 创造力 有人说创造力是与生俱来的,在智触我们认为单有上天赋予的创造力,梦想还是只能在脑袋里兜兜转转。 身处 VR/AR 江湖, 各家身怀绝技,我们常思考怎样才能一骑绝尘?得到的答案是:创造加坚持定能后祝我们远行!智触团队一直以来的目标和追 求都是在传统 VR/AR/MR 技术和产品上探索新的功能和可能性 去实现我们脑袋里的蓝图。我们最引以为豪的内镜手术教培机 器人就是最好的证明。 我们获奖啦

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