Experience the Difference

Combining cutting edge simulation technologies to recreate lifelike realism

Core Technology

The IHS Robotic Touch Technology platform applies realistic force feedback and tactile sensations to create lifelike medical simulation experiences. Our advanced technology uniquely combines the latest in haptics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology for high fidelity applications.


Real-world force and tactile sensations in simulated environments

Virtual Reality

Realistic physical deformation and behaviour of virtual objects

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning frameworks and computational intelligence algorithms for performance assessment

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based data collection, storage, and management platform

Features & Benefits

Enhance clinical training and assessment with IHS Robotic Touch Technology platform and surgical simulation systems


Clinical Realism

Learn new skills and practice repeatedly in low-risk, “true to life” environment


Guidance & Measurement

Accelerate learning curves toward competency with instructional cues and performance analytics



Comprehensive resources and tailored simulation experiences to support learning progression