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Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Demos at WAIC 2020

Shanghai, China | 07/13/20

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions presented its virtual reality endoscopy training simulator at this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), held in Shanghai, China.

Adapting Curricula for Endoscopy Training During COVID-19

Vancouver, Canada | 06/16/20

Explore innovative solutions proposed by Gastroenterology programs and educators to adjust their endoscopy training curricula for high quality education, while minimizing risks to residents and fellows, maintaining social distancing, and preserving personal protective equipment.

Endoscopy Practices During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Vancouver, Canada | 03/27/20

SARS-CoV-2/Novel Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) is the novel coronavirus species responsible for the ongoing global pandemic. Healthcare workers, including endoscopy unit personnel are at elevated risk for infection. Read the recommendations provided by the CAG, ASGE, WHO, and CDC for endoscopy practice during the outbreak.

Training and Competency in Upper GI Endoscopy

Vancouver, Canada | 03/03/20

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is a common diagnostic procedure performed to assess the oropharynx, esophagus, stomach, and proximal duodenum for dysfunction and disease. Competency in the procedure requires attaining an acceptable level of cognitive and technical proficiency across several skills.

SImulation-based Training Can Reduce Risks to Patient Safety

Simulation-Based Training in Medical Education Can Reduce Risks to Patient Safety

Vancouver, Canada | 01/29/20 

Simulation-based training for medical education allows clinical procedures to be recreated with substantial aspects of the real experience intact. Using IHS’ Endoscopy Training Simulator, trainees and healthcare professionals can practice and acquire critical endoscopic skills and experience for quality patient care.

Shenzhen General Hospital

IHS Expands Partnership with Shenzhen General Hospital

Shenzhen, China | 24/12/19

IHS is proud to announce a research partnership with Shenzhen General Hospital in China for upcoming validation studies testing our Endoscopy Training Simulator. The launch meeting, hosted by the hospital’s Department of Gastroenterology and keynote speaker, Dr. Bo Jiang, was attended in full by clinicians and researchers.

Vancouver Startup Week 2019

Vancouver Startup Week 2019

Vancouver, Canada | 21/09/2019

IHS joined this year’s event-filled Vancouver Startup Week, a celebration of innovation and ingenuity in the local Vancouver startup ecosystem. The week brought together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders with the purpose of connecting people, empowering the community, and recognizing local success.

The Summit Forum on Endoscopic Technology of Digestive Tunnel in China

Hunan, China | 21/09/2019

The Endoscopy Technology Summit Forum on Digestive Tunnels was held on July 12-14 at the Century Jinyuan Hotel Changsha. As a major player in the endoscopy simulation field in China, IHS was proud to sponsor the conference. The team presented the second generation digestive endoscopy simulator prototype, which garnered positive feedback from the gastroenterology community and interest from medical device manufacturers and hospital partners.

The Future of Healthcare: "We can replicate the tactile sensation of surgery to help train doctors."​

Vancouver, Canada | 24/02/2019

Christina D. Warner, Amazon best-selling author in psychology and medicine and regular columnist for Authority Magazine, interviewed Zhouming Tang, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IHS for the ‘Future of Healthcare’ Medium series. In this revealing interview, Zhouming shares what it took to launch his own medical robotics company, the journey from its inception to present, and his vision for the first digestive endoscopy simulator.

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions at SFU SystemsFair 2019

Simon Fraser University's SystemsFair 2019 Rings Close to Home

Vancouver, Canada | 08/02/2019

With close ties to Simon Fraser University (SFU), IHS visited this year’s SystemsFair at the university’s growing technology hub on Surrey campus. The career event provided the company an engaging venue to connect with mechatronics engineers, software developers, and students of diverse backgrounds with interests in pursuing co-op and full-time opportunities in medical robotics.

IHS Working with Virtro Entertainment to Develop a VR Surgical Simulator

Vancouver, Canada | 05/11/2018

IHS has partnered with Virtro Entertainment Inc., a gaming and virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, and mixed reality company in Vancouver, to develop an immersive, VR-based digestive endoscopy simulator. The combination of IHS’ proprietary haptic feedback technology with compelling VR elements will recreate a realistic, clinical experience for residents and healthcare professionals. 

IHS Project Demonstration Conference


To celebrate the research and development progress of Intelligent Haptronic Solutions, Inc.’s digestive endoscopy simulator, our company hosted a project demonstration at our Shenzhen office in China. Bringing together more than 15 venture capital investment groups nationwide, the event kicked off with an opening discussion on the importance of simulation-based training in endoscopy led by the company’s chief medical consultant and endoscopy expert, Dr. Bo Jiang from the Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital. Following the talk, our team provided a demonstration of the company’s digestive endoscopy simulator and its features, including the haptic force feedback, virtual reality (VR) platform, and artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

From L-R: Alex Lai (investor), Dr. Bo Jiang (medical consultant), Zhouming Tang (CEO and CTO) and Qu Deng (project manager)

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Visits Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital


Intelligent Haptronic Solutions visited our clinical partners at one of China’s top hospitals, Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital. The public general hospital, opened in 2014, is a teaching site affiliated with Tsinghua University. In addition to providing healthcare treatment and services, the it serves as a medical teaching and research institution. Our collaboration with Dr. Bo Jiang MD, PhD, a well-known expert in gastroenterology, will enable the research and development of the company’s digestive endoscopy simulator. 

L-R: Alex Lai (Investor), Dr. Bo Jiang (Chief Medical Consultant), Zhouming Tang (CEO and CTO) and Qu Deng (Project Manager). 

7th Annual Interface Summit


Intelligent Haptronic Solutions, Inc. attended the 7th Annual Interface Summit. The topic was The Brain-Machine Connection: How Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Digital Therapeutics are Transforming Education, Research and Healthcare. Next year we hope to present our first product there and add haptics to the equation.

The Story Behind Intelligent Haptronic Solutions


The Pencil Road reporter Xu Meng meets with our CEO/CTO Zhouming Tang to discuss the inside story behind IHS. The Pencil Road is one of the most influencing professional venture capital information service providers in China. They provided news, investment and financing data, research reports and other information services for investor and entrepreneur.

IHS Gaining Success in the China Investment Market


September 2018 marks a milestone for Intelligent Haptronic Solutions as we revealed our first demonstration endoscopy training device to investors and medical consultants in China. The feedback is very positive and the media in China took notice. IHS is on 36Kr, the most popular internet technology blog website in China. We look forward to sharing many more milestones with you on our path to market.