Haptic feedback, which consists of both force and tactile feedback, is an integral component of virtual reality (VR) interactions. Force feedback is the simulation of a virtual object’s hardness, weight, and inertia, whereas tactile feedback is the simulation of the object’s surface geometry, smoothness, slippage, and temperature.Together, the integration of the two modalities provides users with an immersive experience by recreating touch in the virtual environment.

Haptics is the pillar of Intelligent Haptronic Solutions’ Robotic Touch Technology Platform. The haptic feedback interface, haptic controller, and mechanical modeling software is built into the company’s digestive endoscopy simulator to realistically model sensations associated with performing endoscopic tasks and procedures on a patient. Such technology contributes to the experience of the virtual environment and enables trainees to develop robust technical, cognitive, and integrative competencies in endoscopy training.

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