IHS officially joins the Rolls-Royce Innovation supplier ecosystem

In the December of 2021, Rolls-Royce (Defence) has exclusively identified 25 companies globally for their Haptic Challenge. As part of Rolls-Royce products and services, Rolls-Royce (Defence) has been concentrating on the fields of aerospace, naval, submarines, land, defense services, and advanced technology. The Rolls-Royce (Defence) Haptic Challenge is a challenge-based supplier engagement process that is an invitation-only opportunity provided to the shortlisted candidates. The theme of this global challenge is“represent touch and motion within a virtual reality environment”, and the goal is for Rolls-Royce (Defense) to connect with the most innovative and leading organizations within the Virtual Reality and Haptics sphere.
This contest is not open to the public, and only companies being invited internally can participate. Intelligent Haptronic Solutions (IHS) was selected as one of the companies to showcase their products to Rolls-Royce and proudly received highly rated feedback about IHS’ most recent product, the ENDOGITRAIN™. Recently, Rolls-Royce officially invited Intelligent Haptronic Solutions (IHS) to officially join the Rolls-Royce Innovation supplier ecosystem.

Joining the Rolls-Royce Innovation supplier ecosystem is definitely a new opportunity for challenges to IHS. Entering the market with medical training robots, IHS will continue thriving through the medical industry, and in the future expand to cutting-edge technologies such as surgical assistance robots and telesurgery robots. Utilizing the solid hardware and software capabilities of the company, IHS will provide “haptic+” platforms, and bring disruptive solutions to the medical, education, manufacturing, gaming, entertainment, and more industries. All fields including design, R&D, production, and service will be tied closely within the “haptic+” closed-loop ecosystem, creating a truly immersive haptic experience. Simultaneously, IHS has a plan to join the metaverse and related R&D process. Instead of creating an individual metaverse, IHS’ focus will be modulizing haptic + VR + AI technologies, hence, merging into the metaverse of tech giants as the underlying technical supplier of haptic, VR, and AI.