IHS Ranks Fourth Place in 2022 Demo China Internet Entrepreneurship Competition! 


IHS Won Fourth Place in the 2022 Demo China Internet Entrepreneurship Competition!


With the understanding of Innovation is the key to competing in the tech industry, IHS team is committed to developing the

application of tactile virtual simulation solutions for gastrointestinal endoscopy medical devices. We have achieved the

integration of force sensory feedback, virtual reality and could serve for our ENDOGITRAIN™ Digestive Endoscopy Training

Simulator. The combination of the three subsystems of the platform provides customizable technical support, including

hardware modules and software SDK.    


The competition for the finals of the China Internet Entrepreneurship Competition is fierce. The companies that participated in

the competition has been evaluated by well-known investment institutions, front-line investors, and industry experts. Our

team has gone through a tense presentation round, and because of the technical maturity, market demand, and development

prosperity of our technology, IHS ranks the fourth on the TOP 10! 


This award is significant to our team. We feel very honored to be able to show our technical innovations and brilliant ideas

to the world through such a platform, and we cherish the fact that we get to live in such an era of rapid technological

development which supports us in realizing the technical impossible. 


We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and congratulate everyone on the team! Well done team!

Link to the original article by Demo China: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xvMuFA4fbT_TVFORDCIlGQ