IHS Won the VR/AR Annual Innovation Award at the 2022 World VR Industry Conference

Commitment to innovation is always recognized

About the 2022 World VR Industry Conference  

Known as the Industry index, the 2022 World VR Industry Conference is the most authoritative in the VR/AR Industry in

China. IHS has been comprehensively evaluated by industry associations, scientific research institutions, leading enterprises,

investment institutions and mainstream media.


The VR/AR world is crowded with talents. How do IHS stand out in such competition, INNOVATION is the way! We are

dedicated to developing new features and to explore possibilities based on traditional VR/AR/MR technologies, Our

ENDOGITRAIN™ Digestive Endoscopy Training Simulator is a beautiful fruition of that. We are very proud that it won the

VR/AR INNOVATION AWARD with its leading technology, market competitiveness, product novelty and applicability across


Looking Forward 

IHS looks forward to participating in more leading industry conferences and exhibitions to expand knowledge troughing

learning from other teams, and also expect to take this as an opportunity to show the world our innovative ideas and



We would also like to take a moment to express our appreciation to the entire team’s commitment to innovation, dedication,

incredible engagement and admirable work ethic. 

Congratulations to us all !