GI Endoscope Pro

GI Endoscope Pro Device

Provides continuous, uninterrupted force feedback for the endoscope handle and biopsy throughout the digestive tract, suitable for large training centers, teaching hospitals, and medical schools.

The product consists of four major parts:

ENDOGITRAIN™ Endoscope Handle
ENDOGITRAIN™ Digestive Endoscopy VR Training Software
Expert System, Cloud Platform
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Tactile force feedback feature introduction

IHS self-developed endoscope operation handle · electromechanical system

IHS self-developed endoscope human-machine interaction electromechanical system

  • Motion sensing of the endoscope operation terminal
  • Data collection and processing of the endoscope operation terminal
  • Tactile presentation of the endoscope operation terminal
  • Comprehensive data and tactile algorithm processing of the endoscope operation
  • Interaction between the endoscope operation terminal and VR
  • Tactile presentation of the endoscope operation system

6 degrees of freedom for high-precision real-time virtual-physical interaction force feedback

4 degrees of freedom for endoscope handle force feedback

2 degrees of freedom for biopsy force feedback

VR Training Scene

  • Complete upper and lower GI tract 3D model rendering
  • Based on the configurable virtual patient conditions, renders the muscle peristalsis of the digestive tract
  • Provides customizable lesion configurations, such as various types of polyps and the locations where lesions appear
  • Endoscopic examination tool rendering: gastroscope operation handle, biopsy forceps, biopsy loop
  • Lesion rendering: different types of polyps, ulcers
  • Liquid rendering: water, gastric juice, blood

Operation Training and Training Cases

  • Endoscopy basic skills training module
  • Upper GI endoscopy inspection module
  • Lower GI endoscopy inspection module

Operational Experiment Management + Intelligent Guidance

  • Provides three types of user roles: experts, students, and administrators
  • Offers real-time guidance, live training videos, and inspection photo captures
  • Displays photos taken during training processes along with their corresponding 3D overlay areas
  • Provides standard intelligent training modules for training analysis and scoring


Professor Long Xu, the Director of the Department of Gastroenterology from Shenzhen University General Hospital, gave a through user evaluation on the ENDOGITRAIN™ from the perspective of an expert. He also demonstrated the basic functions of the device, including basic operation of the handle, insertion and retraction process and more.

Expert Scoring System

  • The expert scoring system is divided into training guidance and evaluation modules
  • Offers features such as endoscopic examination path guidance, real-time photo capture guidance during the examination, and live training video capabilities
  •  Displays photos taken during the training process and their corresponding 3D overlay areas
  • The AI intelligence system provides analysis and scoring for endoscope handle operation training after training
  • Offers training for writing case reports that doctors need to issue after endoscopic surgery, realistically replicating the process
Training result
Expert system AI scoring
Simulated inspection report
Photograph training records
Report photo list
Video playback of the training operation process
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