DAY 2 | Founder/CEO Zhouming Tang was invited to give a pitch at the GTC event


United States · San Jose: Witnessing the Transformative Moment of AI

Artificial Intelligence is currently the hottest technology field and a key driver of major global changes. Today, NVIDIA, a leading technology company in the AI sector, held its annual GTC conference in San Jose, USA, renowned as a weathervane in the AI industry and a moment that captures global attention. 

On the second day of NVIDIA GTC, IHS founder/CEO Zhouming Tang had the honor of participating in the Inception Pitch event, specifically set up for startups.

In this valuable speaking opportunity, Zhouming introduced how IHS Haptics cleverly utilizes NVIDIA Flex, NVIDIA Clara, and NVIDIA RTX GPUs to create the IHS Intelligent Haptic Technology Platform. This platform has been used to develop leading tactile human-computer interaction solutions, creating the milestone product EndoGITrain GI Lite which commercializes the concept of the medical metaverse, showcasing the advantages and necessity of applying intelligent haptic technology in the field of simulated medicine.

The afternoon of the exhibition saw NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, visiting various exhibitors and warmly interacting with entrepreneurs, bringing the event to a climax. 


At the IHS booth, like the day before, there was a crowd of people amazed by our innovative solutions in haptic technology and how it realizes a realistic bidirectional interaction between users and the virtual environment, with many trying it out firsthand.


IHS’s core technology has achieved commercial implementation in medical scenarios, successfully creating the EndoGITrain Device. This innovation addresses the teaching and training needs for digestive and respiratory internal medicine surgeries. Its goal is to break away from traditional apprenticeship models, revolutionizing the learning process by significantly shortening the learning curve and enhancing efficiency and quality. This approach aims to address the issue of the supply-demand mismatch for qualified specialist doctors at its root.


We look forward to the opportunity to learn and discuss technological and application achievements from around the world at the NVIDIA GTC conference. Our team will also be waiting for guests at booth I129 in the Inception Pavilion for on-site visits and experiences.