IHS Recap: Successful Showcase at NVIDIA GTC Conference, Full Harvest Achieved, and Steady Progress Forward!


The NVIDIA GTC conference has concluded, marking the end of a gathering that showcased the world’s forefront in artificial intelligence technology. This highly anticipated event has undoubtedly earned its reputation as the “Olympic Ceremony” of the tech world.

01 At the Exhibition Site

As a member of the NVIDIA startup inception program, IHS was fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit at this GTC. We felt the excitement at the scene.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the daily highlights of the IHS booth during the NVIDIA GTC conference. Led by Zhouming, the founder and CEO, the team presented the EnDoGITrain, an endoscopic surgery training robot, demonstrating our cutting-edge solutions and achievements in integrating intelligent haptic technology with virtual reality.

Throughout the four-day exhibition, IHS showcased the capabilities of its intelligent haptic technology in crafting top-notch solutions for haptic human-machine interaction. Its distinctive technology and engaging experience captivated the audience, drawing attention from numerous renowned enterprises and investment firms.

We were fortunate to engage in discussions about technology and products with entrepreneurs and clients from around the world who share a passion for technology and AI. At the same time, we had the opportunity to learn about and absorb cutting-edge technologies and applications from various regions. This was an unforgettable and impressive experience.

02 Experience Sharing

Beyond participating in the exhibition, IHS founder/CEO Zhouming was honored to have the opportunity to share at the Inception Pitch Session of the NVIDIA GTC.

Zhouming introduced how IHS skillfully utilizes NVIDIA Flex, NVIDIA Clara, and NVIDIA RTX GPUs to create the IHS intelligent haptic technology platform.

Leveraging this platform, we have developed leading haptic human-machine interaction solutions and created the milestone product, the EndoGITrain Endoscopic Surgery Training Robot. This product commercializes the concept of the medical metaverse, demonstrating the advantages and necessity of applying intelligent haptic technology in the field of simulated medicine.

IHS had the chance to showcase its technology and development journey on a leading global AI platform, marking a significant milestone for the company.

As the owner of an intelligent haptic technology platform, it was an honor for us to exhibit at NVIDIA GTC. This opportunity highlighted the potential and significance of haptic interaction in AI and showcased the promising future and broad market opportunities for the IHS intelligent haptic technology platform.