Great News! IHS Wins First Prize in the 2023 Industrial Integration- Virtual Reality Innovation Contest

The 2023 Industrial Integration Virtual Reality Innovation Contest Successfully Concludes

On December 26th, the national-level mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition, the 2023 Industrial Integration – Virtual Reality Innovation Contest Final Award Ceremony, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Industrial Culture Development Center, was grandly held in Shenzhen. With its world-leading intelligent haptic technology platform and outstanding innovative application capabilities in various scenarios, IHS stood out from 208 national entries and was honored with first prize.

At the Contest

To implement the “Virtual Reality and Industry Application Integration Development Action Plan (2022-2026)” and foster the advanced development of China’s virtual reality sector, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Industrial Culture Development Center, in collaboration with the People’s Government of Bao’an District, Shenzhen, and the Shenzhen Press Group, successfully organized the 2023 Industrial Integration Virtual Reality Innovation Contest. The contest lasted for three months, attracting more than a hundred outstanding companies with 208 high-quality projects, including over 20 listed companies and industry unicorns. After evaluation and screening, 65 projects made it to the final.

About IHS

IHS, established at the end of 2017, is a multinational technology company specializing in the research and development of haptic technology and its application development. It has dual centers in Shenzhen, China, and Vancouver, Canada. The company boasts an international team composed of several senior technical and marketing experts from China and Canada, possesses full-stack independent R&D capabilities, and holds all the intellectual property rights for hardware design, software development, 3D modeling, and AI algorithms.

Currently, IHS’s core technology has achieved commercial implementation in medical scenarios, successfully creating EndoGITrain Device. This innovation covers the teaching and training needs for digestive and respiratory internal medicine surgeries. Its goal is to break away from traditional apprenticeship models, revolutionizing the learning process by significantly shortening the learning curve and enhancing efficiency and quality. This approach aims to address the issue of the supply-demand mismatch for qualified specialist doctors from the root.

EndoGITrain Broncho-GI Pro

Function Overview:

▲Training and assessment for upper and lower GI tract and bronchial endoscopy operations.

▲Real-time AI monitoring and guidance for virtual surgery training operations, including comprehensive scoring.

▲Typical case teaching for endoscopic examinations.

▲Preparation of endoscopic surgical plans.

EndoGITrain GI Lite

Function Overview:
▲The endoscopy operation can be paused/restarted through button settings.

▲Experience the full range of digestive endoscopic handle force feedback/biopsy force feedback.

▲Compact and portable, ideal for large-scale training.

▲Affordable, suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals and training centers.

The EndoGITrain Device integrates haptic modeling of human organs and lesions, combining haptic models with visual rendering. This results in the deep integration of haptic rendering from the haptic terminal with the graphical visual rendering in virtual reality.

It allows users to deeply simulate the extremely precise tactile sensations during surgery, effectively enhancing muscle memory, shortening the learning curve, and improving efficiency and quality. This addresses the supply-demand gap for qualified specialist surgeons at its root.

Through the intelligent AI expert cloud platform system, every teaching and training process can be intelligently saved and replayed, including detailed evaluation reports, statistical data, and operational videos, providing real-time and long-term records and feedback. The expert system also aims to generate continuous income through teaching content and cloud services, collaborating with hospitals and experts to create content and generate revenue.

The core of the IHS “Haptics+” Technology Platform lies in its human-machine interaction system, which is uniquely established on a proprietary foundational haptic protocol. This system is a synergy of hardware, software, and algorithms, effectively bridging the gap between haptic perception and feedback. By establishing this connection, it forms a loop of haptic interaction, culminating in a closed-loop human-machine interaction system that facilitates bidirectional information exchange.

IHS has pioneered a world-class haptic human-machine interaction solution that integrates advanced technologies such as robotic haptics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. This integration, achieved through the IHS human-machine interaction system, effectively blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds.

The human-machine interaction terminals serve as a bridge linking real and virtual environments. They enable real-time, bidirectional interaction between users and the virtual space, providing high-precision interactions that deeply integrate both haptic and visual elements. Utilizing haptic digitalization technology, which includes simulation and rendering, these terminals deliver high-fidelity haptic feedback, significantly enhancing the realism and immersive experience of human-machine interactions.

IHS is actively developing a human-machine interaction haptic solution for smart cockpits, utilizing tactile perception and feedback technology. This has led to the formation of three main application modules: touch control, safety, and entertainment.

IHS’s vision is to create a “Haptics+” technology platform and establish a haptic interaction ecosystem. This platform aims to empower various scenarios like healthcare, automotive, entertainment, and gaming, offering an immersive interactive experience that feels as real as being there. Furthermore, IHS aspires to provide a one-stop human-machine interaction solution for both the metaverse and the robotics industry.