Great News! IHS Wins the 2023 Plug and Play China’s “Outstanding Entrepreneurial Team” Award

2023 Plug and Play China Future Mobility Innovation Summit has been successfully concluded

On November 29, the 2023 Plug and Play China Future Mobility Innovation Summit was held at the Baohe Crown Holiday Hotel in the Wuhan Economic Development Zone. More than 200 guests from Chinese mobility enterprises, financial and investment institutions, universities, associations, chambers of commerce, and alliances gathered to exchange and share their achievements in industry and technology innovation. They engaged in in-depth discussions about the development trends of future mobility and technological innovation, providing guidance for the industry’s development and realizing the joint creation and win-win situation for the industrial ecosystem.

At the Summit

On the day of the summit, industry leaders from companies such as Dongfeng and Haier gathered to discuss three core topics: industry innovation, technology innovation, and global collaboration. They shared their profound thoughts and unique perspectives on technological innovation. More than 20 high-quality global tech innovation companies exhibited their breakthrough products in areas such as smart cockpits, new materials, new displays, and autonomous driving, showcasing their innovative capabilities and technological solutions through roadshows, and promoting the joint development of high-quality projects with large enterprises.

At the event, IHS showcased its Smart Cockpit Human-Machine Interaction Haptic Solution and the booth drew a continuous stream of visitors. Numerous representatives from automobile companies provided valuable feedback after their experience and looked forward to more in-depth future communication and exchange.

At the roadshow presentation, Jingqi Lin, the project leader of the IHS Smart Cockpit, gave a comprehensive demonstration of the “Smart Cockpit Human-Machine Interaction Haptic Solution” to the attendees. This helped the audience gain a more complete understanding of how IHS applies haptic technology in the field of automotive smart cockpits.

At the Award Ceremony

IHS was honored to receive the “2023 Plug and Play China Outstanding Entrepreneurial Team Award.” This award signifies the industry’s recognition of IHS and its practical application value in solving critical issues for automakers and consumers. This achievement will motivate the IHS team to further advance the application of haptic technology in smart cockpits, exploring more application scenarios and possibilities.

About Plug and Play China

Established in Silicon Valley in 2006, Plug and Play is a globally renowned innovation ecosystem platform. It has successfully incubated early-stage companies like Google and invested in tech giants such as PayPal and Dropbox. Its business encompasses early-stage investments, corporate innovation services, and the operation of innovation ecosystem spaces. With over a decade of development and more than 20 years of long-term accumulation, it now operates over 50 innovation spaces and regional offices worldwide. Plug and Play has invested in over 1800 startups, provided incubation and acceleration services to more than 19000 startups, and offered joint innovation services to over 550 leading global enterprises. Additionally, it annually hosts more than 1000 events facilitating interactions between startups and industry leaders.

In 2015, as Plug and Play expanded its global operations, it entered China, riding the wave of entrepreneurship and innovation. The following year, in 2016, Plug and Play China was officially established. To deeply embed itself in the Chinese innovation landscape, the company set up a new board of directors and a management team, operating independently to adapt to the local environment. With its headquarters in Beijing, Plug and Play China has also established regional innovation centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen and collaborates with innovation partners in cities such as Nanjing and Wuhan to enhance its innovation activities across China.

The global automotive industry is currently undergoing profound transformations with the emergence of new technologies, significantly altering automotive products. In this context, the event showcased the vital role of collaborative innovation between high-quality projects and large enterprises, contributing to the development of a positive ecosystem. Such collaboration and synergy not only drives technological innovation but also introduces new possibilities into our everyday lives.