Highlights from IHS’ exhibition at the 57th Higher Education Expo China

The 57th Higher Education Expo China (HEEC) started on the 4th of August at the Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition reserved 80,000 square meters for exhibition booths and another 10,000 square meters for career service providers. Participants of the expo include 1000+ exhibitors, 3500+ exhibition booths, 1000+ institutions, 300+ higher education leaders, and 1000+ experts and scholars.

IHS debuted the “3 in 1” ENDOGITRAIN endoscopy surgical training simulator at the 57th HEEC. ENDOGITRAIN is the first proprietarily designed “3 in 1” endoscopy surgical training simulator in China and has successfully filled in the market gap of a national endoscopy training simulator. The showcase of the ENDOGITRAIN endoscopy surgical training simulator has attracted masses of attendees to the IHS booth to try out the product. The uninterrupted haptic/force feedback on the endoscopy handle has gained excellent feedback and was described as an almost clinical-level realistic experience.

Traditional endoscopy training consists of lectures and theories, paired with patient-based hands-on practice. It is very risky for patients as the pain level tends to be a lot higher when the operator has no previous experience performing the procedure. An endoscopy training simulator can reduce this risk by letting doctors train on virtual patients with different symptoms and expand the doctor’s knowledge of lesions and hands-on experience.

The “3 in 1” feature will fulfill all endoscope training needs for both the gastroenterology department and respiratory department in any hospital with just one device, which is extremely time and cost-efficient.

IHS will continue to improve on the training case development for the bronchoscopy training system, and complete the advanced surgery training modules for the gastrointestinal endoscopy training system, such as ERCP\ESU\ESD and other advanced surgery training modules. Make sure to keep an eye on future product updates!