IHS Showcasing the “3 in 1” Endoscopy Surgical Training Simulator at the 57th HECC

After years of continuously thriving in the technological field and bringing innovations into the R&D effort, IHS has completed the mass production of their proprietary ENDOGITRAIN endoscopy surgical training simulator version 2.0 in Q3 this year. The newly developed bronchoscopy simulation training system will also debut simultaneously. One of the major upgrades in this release is the integration of all three virtual training simulators into one system. The systems include endoscopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy. This will fulfill all endoscope training needs for both the gastroenterology department and respiratory department in any hospital with just one device.

Below are a few other upgrades made to the new release of ENDOGITRAIN endoscopy surgical training simulator version 2.0. First of all, a brand new UI interface has been designed to boost user experience. Secondly, 12 newly developed gastrointestinal endoscopy training cases were introduced and have drastically improved the training quality and provide better hand-eye coordination practices for trainees. In addition, argon plasma coagulation and dye spraying simulation have been added to the EGD therapeutic training module to further improve the surgical operation skills of all trainees.

At the HEEC exhibition, IHS will also showcase the proprietary bronchoscope handle and a new 3D model rendering of the bronchus. In the future, IHS will continue to improve on the training case development for the bronchoscopy training system, and complete the advanced surgery training modules for the gastrointestinal endoscopy training system, such as ERCP\ESU\ESD and other advanced surgery training modules within this year.

The 57th High Education Expo China (HEEC) 2022 will be held at the Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 4th – 6th, 2022. All guests are sincerely invited to the IHS booth 6B79 in Hall 6 to experience the new upgrade of the “3 in 1” system. IHS is looking forward to the presence of all guests and trying the ENDOGITRAIN endoscopic surgery training simulator. See you all there!