IHS Endoscopy Training Simulator Project was selected for top 10 roadshow project in The 9th Chinese Overseas Returnees Startup Congress

On November 27 2020, the 9th Chinese (Shenzhen) Overseas Returnees Startup Congress hosted by the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Federation was held in Shenzhen. The Chinese (Shenzhen) Overseas Returnees Startup Congress has brought inspiration to a vast majority of returnees by facilitating the commercialization of innovative entrepreneurial achievements. During the afternoon session of the 9th Chinese Overseas Returnees Startup, 10 top candidates were selected from a shortlist of 150 projects to carry out an on-site roadshow, which the IHS Endoscopy Training Simulator Project was honoured to be selected.

Mr. Tang Zhouming, CEO & CTO of IHS, graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with a master’s degree in robotics and control engineering. Mr. Tang mainly researches medical robots and haptic systems and is the core talent for the entire project. He has devoted great effort in the field of surgical training simulators and has developed the first digestive endoscopic surgery training robot with haptic feedback in China. In 2016, Mr. Tang founded IHS in China and received a 1M CAD seed round financing from Initial Science Value Investment (ISVI) at the 5th Chinese Overseas Returnees Startup Congress in Shenzhen. IHS has the R&D department mainly set up in Vancouver, Canada, with a team of technical experts from various fields. In addition, IHS has established a consultant team that consists of renown medical experts as well as business experts. Before IHS’s simulator, China relied heavily on imported medical training simulation equipment, which is extremely expensive and does not fit the domestic medical training content. After 3 years of entrepreneurial persistence and technical research, the IHS endoscopy training simulator has met the niche market of domestic endoscopy training simulator by providing a surgical robot that is in line with China’s medical training.

Since the beginning, IHS has been receiving attention from official authorities including the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Canadian Government. They have provided entrepreneurial support and financial subsidy policies to IHS, and have helped the company to overcome all obstacles and come to today’s achievements. Many well-known investment institutions at the Chinese Overseas Returnees Startup Congress have expressed strong interest in IHS and put forward many practical suggestions for enterprise development. These investment institutions are very optimistic about the field of specialized medical training simulators, which is known for its extremely high standard.

Hereby, IHS is incredibly grateful to the Overseas Chinese Returnees Association for providing a platform for overseas returnee entrepreneurs, as well as to all investment institutions that are concerned about IHS. The IHS endoscopy training simulator will be commercialized for the first time at the Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital in Q1 2021. A new product launch conference will also be held very soon, so please stay tuned!