The success of IHS EndoTrainPro™ Alpha production release

Since its establishment in 2017, IHS has been committed to the development of haptic technology and its application and has been deeply involved in the field of medical surgery training robots, aiming to promote the development of specialized medical training in China and around the world. IHS’s proprietary development of the endoscopy training simulator EndoTrainPro™ Alpha has been tested and assembled in Shenzhen at the end of December 2020. At the same time, the team has been working on a functional upgrade and expects to soon deliver EndoTrainPro™ Beta. With more than three years of research and development, the IHS team has broken through technical difficulties one after another, and ultimately ushered to current success and achievements. Please continue reading to learn about the recent accomplishments of IHS, as well as our next steps in product planning and market expansion.

In January, IHS invited Professor Long Xu, Director of the Department of Gastroenterology from Shenzhen University General Hospital, and Professor Wei Gong, Director of the Department of Gastroenterology from Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital, to visit the company to experience the endoscopy training simulator EndoTrainPro™ Alpha device. Professor Xu and Professor Gong also devoted their time and work with IHS to record a sequence of testimonial videos and provided a remarkably high affirmation and positive evaluation of the product. As an R&D partner with IHS, Professor Xu and Professor Gong have always paid close attention to the company’s product development progress. IHS’s R&D team also has a lot of in-depth cooperation with the gastroenterology departments of the two hospitals, especially during the production of training cases and medical guidance. Feel free to watch the videos at the following links:

Testimonial videos of IHS & Professor Long Xu from Shenzhen University General Hospital:

Testimonial videos of IHS & Professor Wei Gong from Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital:

In the upcoming April, IHS will work with the Shenzhen Hospital of the Gastroenterology Department of Southern Medical University and Shenzhen University General Hospital to further develop the world’s leading simulation-based GI endoscopy training curriculum based on IHS EndoTrainPro™, including basic GI endoscopy skill training cases, EGD training cases and more. IHS will continue to enrich product functions, promote cooperation with hospitals to research and development of the world’s first AI-based virtual simulation training curriculum for digestive endoscopy.

IHS has completed the production of the EndoTrainPro™ Alpha release prototype and is working on a system upgrade for the Beta release. We expect to complete the development of the colonoscopy module in August. It will be in time with the mass production of EndoTrainPro and EndoTrainPro Lite.

Above is the status update on IHS product development. We look forward to sharing with you more in the future with the EndoTrainPro™ endoscope training simulator Beta release. Please stay tuned.