Shenzhen General Hospital Partnership

Shenzhen General Hospital

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions’ (IHS) Shenzhen team was invited to present at a seminar hosted by the Department of Gastroenterology at Shenzhen General Hospital, an expansive medical facility with teaching and research activities affiliated with Shenzhen University School of Medicine. The well-known hospital, funded by the Shenzhen municipal government, offers a breadth of gastroenterology services with specialization in diagnosis and treatment of severe gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, endoscopy, and GI vascular intervention.

Qu Deng, Project Manager of our Shenzhen Zhichu team, introduced the company to clinical staff and researchers of the hospital’s Department of Gastroenterology and led a detailed discussion on virtual reality (VR) simulation-based training and the current state of our digestive endoscopy training simulator. Adoption of IHS’ simulator into the existing endoscopy training curriculum has the potential to greatly improve the educational experience and teaching efficiency of medical students, trainees, and clinicians, without jeopardizing patient safety and quality of care.

“This is a technological innovation to traditional endoscopy training. We are firmly opposed to training on the human body and increasing risk to the patient—such full simulation training systems will replace traditional training models in the future.”

Dr. Xu Long Director, Department of Gastroenterology at Shenzhen General Hospital

Compared to artificial material and animal models that do not realistically recapitulate the tissue of interest or the mechanics of operation, IHS’ virtual reality digestive endoscopy simulator leverages haptic force feedback, virtual elements, and artificial intelligence to create anatomically accurate GI models and comprehensive training modules for trainees and residents to practice procedural skills on. The advantages of the simulator were well received by the group, garnering endorsement from Dr. Long for future trials and establishment of a standardized simulation-based endoscopy training curriculum with Shenzhen University School of Medicine.
Integral to the development and validation of our digestive endoscopy simulator, the IHS team is seeking engagement of partner hospitals to facilitate a clinical user study and enable feedback to further improve the device’s functionality. To date, the overall design of the simulator has been finalized and production validation is in progress. Completion of the mass production prototype is expected in the first half of 2020. This December meeting led to consensus for a collaborative partnership between IHS and Shenzhen General Hospital, setting the stage for downstream clinical research and development activities, including data collection and medical consulting, for our digestive endoscopy simulator.
Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Digestive Endoscopy Simulator Alpha Prototype Model

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