The Summit Forum on Endoscopic Technology of Digestive Tunnel in China in 2019-IHS Event Site

From July 12th to July 14th,2019,the Forum on Endoscopic Technology of  Digestive Tunnel in China,which was sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Committee of Digestive Endoscopy and the  Hunan Medical Association,and undertaken by the Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University,was successfully held and concluded at the Century Jinyuan Hotel in Changsha,Hunan Province.IHS,as the first and only Chinese developer and manufacturer of a digestive endoscope virtual simulation training system,and as one of  the sponsors of this conference,was specially invited to attend. IHS team has demonstrated the second generation digestive endoscopy simulation prototype in the conference which was highly appreciated  and recognized by digestive endoscopy experts, major medical manufacturer and hospital partners.Let’s take a look back at the grand events of the day.

IHS booth

Mr.Zhouming,Tang,CEO&CTO, demonstrated the operation of IHS digestive endoscopy virtual training simulation system prototype.   By using the cutting-edge VR modeling technology as well as force feedback algorithms,  user can practice various skill points of endoscopic operation in realistic upper digestive system model without having to operate in the upper digestive tract of real patients. 

In addition ,in the practice, real-time guidance and guidance of the endoscopy path will be provided,which is completely absent in the traditional digestive endoscopy training,and which greatly facilitates beginners to learn the operation of digestive endoscopy ,reduces the tension and psychological pressure of beginners when first using the digestive endoscopy medical equipment .Hence,the beginners will not feel overwhelmed or lost when they initially practice using the digestive endoscopy medical equipment. 

The core technology of IHS digestive endoscopy training simulation system includes haptics ,VR and AI. The proprietary mechatronic sysem within the endoscopy handle translates the physical movement into digital matrices, and  sent it to VR environment  through IHS human-computer interface. In VR environment, the deformation is calculated in real time, the  collided virtual model is deformed, and the force feedback data is calculated, and then the data is sent back to the  human-computer interaction system.By means of the force feedback controller, the system controls the force feedback in real time, and renders the touch sensation on the endoscopy handle.  

Beginners can receive realistic force feedback sensation through interaction whithin the computer simulated upper digestive system model. The key force feedback technology can train beginners to master the strength of digestive endoscopy and the speed of endoscopic surgery.  As the operation in clinical digestive endoscopy is an invasive way to the human body, the force feedback sensation felt by the surgeon is the key to the high quality of endoscopy operation, which  can greatly alleviate the pain of endoscopic examination. IHS digestive endoscopy training simulation system can provide the complete solutions to the problems exist in the tradition digestive endoscopy training methods .How to train the surgeons to perform high quality digestive endoscopy procedures efficiently, reduce patients’ pain, reduce surgeon’s work load etc.      


The data acquisition of AI engine in the IHS digestive dendoscopy virtual simulation training system comes from high-quality domestic cooperative hospital data, which can be applied to the training course and evaluation standard of Chines hospital to the maximum extent.                            

Many experts attending the meeting, medical manufacturers and doctors have shown their great interest in IHS digestive endoscopy training simulation system, and the atmosphere of on-site discussion and communication is very constructive and fruitful.                    

As many people have not seen this virtual simulation training system of digestive endoscopy, and the requirements of VR technology, force feedback technology and AI technology   are very high, we are very optimistic about IHS digestive endoscopy training simulation system and have high regards about its future market prospect.                                  

At present, we have also reached cooperation with more than ten hospitals, such as Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University, Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital,the third affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University and the sixth affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University,provided medical guidence,medical case data collection and clinical trial support for IHS digestive endoscopy training simulation system.     

In the end, we would like to thank everyone for supporting IHS, and welcome prospective partners to contact us.In  addition, we will launch mass production prototype by the end of this year, please stay tune.