This Shenzhen-based Future Unicorn Company Listed on the 2022 China Serial Leaderboards of Fast-growing High-tech Companies!

The year 2022 witnessed not only the accelerated digital transformation of traditional industries but also the full swing of the digital economy.

The proposal to “accelerate the development of digitalization and develop the digital economy” .Is not only a top-down consensus from the government, but also a pervasive market demand in consumer & retail, finance, and advanced manufacturing industries. As a self-targeted revolution for traditional enterprises to go to the “cloud” and achieve digital transformation, it provides abundant application scenarios to AI, RPA, big data, and other emerging technologies and catalyzes the sped-up growth of Chinese high-tech companies.

To better understand the current status and development trend of Chinese fast-growing high-tech enterprises, on October 19, 2022, The First New Voice worked with Tianyancha to launch the “Digital China” 2022 China Serial Leaderboards of Fast-growing High-tech Companies, which was designed to identify high-tech, fast-growing, and trans-periodic excellent enterprises with outstanding teams and reputation that received attention from the capital market and were recognized by clients.

This annual leaderboard included three sub-lists, namely the Comprehensive List, the Fast-growing SaaS Enterprise List, and the Fast-growing Core Technology Enterprise List, covering enterprises of different stages including listed high-tech companies, unicorns, future unicorns, and emerging enterprises. By taking the advantage of Tianyancha in big data and by means of questionnaires, telephone interviews, and company research, information submitted by enterprises was collected; a unique indicator evaluation system was established; C level executives of enterprises, industrial experts, partners of first-tier investment institutions, and other experts were invited to act as judges to evaluate the candidates from the perspectives of business data, financial data, product capability, service capability, and market influence and in the principle of “high technology and fast growth” before singling out winners.

IHS is honored to be listed on the 2022 China Serial Leaderboards of Fast-growing High-tech Companies – Future Unicorns.

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Inc. (IHS), established at the end of 2017, is an international high-tech company engaged in haptic technologies and their applications and development. With dual centers in Shenzhen of China and Vancouver in Canada respectively, the company owns a multinational team consisting of senior technical and market experts from China and Canada who possess independent full-stack research and development capabilities and master all the intellectual properties in hardware, software, and AI algorithms.

At present, the metaverse is both a “hot word” on social media and a “hot spot” in the technical field. The current interactive experience is mainly provided by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and these two applications have developed far beyond visual experiences only.

After the birth of VR devices, those who have experienced them began to doubt the truth “seeing is believing”, illustrating that visual experiences have made everyone feel the changes brought by the concept of the metaverse. Still, a relatively large number of people think visual experiences are not good enough to display the charm of human-machine interaction.

As we all know, skin is the largest organ in the human body and it decides what we feel from the outside world, especially our hands that are most frequently used in our daily lives. Therefore, the involvement of haptic technology has brought human-machine interaction to a new level of realism and immersion.

Keeping this pain point in mind, the IHS team has been devoted to developing the underlying technology of human-machine interaction in the metaverse. The core of this technology is to deeply integrate and modularize haptic feedback, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and many other cutting-edge technologies. Haptic perception, simulation, and interaction with the maximum 7 DOF have come true, and soft and rigid haptic technologies are made available to offer real haptic feedback and lifelike virtual interaction experiences. This technology has been sophisticatedly used in our ENDOGITRAIN™ digestive endoscopy training simulator, and received unanimous praise in real-life surgery planning and rehearsal scenarios.

We appreciate the affirmation and support from The First New Voice and Tianyancha, and feel very lucky to be listed on the 2022 China Serial Leaderboards of Fast-growing High-tech Companies – Future Unicorns. We will maintain our original aspiration of entrepreneurship and apply the intelligent haptic platform and technologies. In addition to further digging into the existing medical-grade metaverse, we will also research and develop products related to the industrial-grade and consumer-grade metaverse.

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