Achievements of 2022

IHS | Our 2022  

2022 was a very challenging and rewarding year for IHS.

During this year, IHS has achieved milestones in many aspects of corporate development!

We would like to take this opportunity to share the stunning moments of IHS 2022 and applaud all the hard-won achievements. Also, we hope to sum up the experience from them, make a comprehensive plan in 2023, and move forward steadily.

Yearly Milestone Review

  • Complete Angle+ and Pre-Series A round of financing, raising capital for over $4M CAD.
  • Beta released the IHS EndoGITrain GI endoscopy training simulation system.
  • Alpha released and commercialized the IHS Bronchoscopy training simulation system.
  • Obtain direct/indirect sales records for over $2M CAD.
  • Added 4 local and national distributors to our distribution network in China.
  • The IHS team expanded to 20+ employees globally, with 11 full-time employees in Vancouver, Canada and 10 full-time employees in Shenzhen, China.