Exhibition Recap: IHS attending CMEF Oct 2021

On October 13th to 16th, the 85th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center for four days. This year’s theme was “Innovative Technology Leading the Future”, the exhibition was successful and attracted over 3000 medical device enterprises from both foreign and local brands.

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions Inc. (IHS) showcased their full version of the endoscopic surgery training simulator as well as a newly released lite version in the exhibition. These devices will provide an innovative solution to tackle the problem in the current method of endoscopy training. Our solution avoids the risk of injuries caused by junior doctors practicing on live patients by replacing it with a virtual but realistic method. IHS’ leading haptic feedback technology allows the endoscopic surgery training simulator to provide uninterrupted haptic feedback throughout the entire process. The haptic feedback in these devices ensure that trainees have a realistic experience comparable to real-life clinical endoscope operations. The virtual upper and lower GI 3D models were modeled for realism and also replace silicone or animal organs that are used in some other solutions. IHS will lower training costs as training providers will not have to constantly buy new replacement organs as well as giving the trainee a better view of the anatomical structure of human organs. The IHS endoscopic surgery training simulator provides a comprehensive view of the entire process which includes patient inquiry, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and report writing. Having the entire process aims to assess the overall ability of the physician. Going more into the treatment of the device, it covers the basis of a variety of classic training cases such as critical gastrointestinal diseases to make sure that the trainee is ready to handle real emergency situations. As a way to reinforce the learning being done there are guidance tools that will help the trainee go through the process. An optimal path will be provided when needed and at the end of the training session, a training report will be generated automatically which summarizes the training and provides learning results of each trainee.

In response to the demand, IHS endoscopic surgery training simulator will soon be launching advanced training modules. These will include ERCP, EUS, and ESD. Once they become available, the user can carry out any of the advanced simulations at any time.

IHS has received the attention and support of many guests and partners in the industry who visited our booth to experience the products.