Great News! IHS Receives an Excellence Certificate at the NVIDIA Inception Showcase 2023- Midterm Showcase

2023 NVIDIA Inception Showcase 2023- Midterm Showcase Concludes Successfully

From October 19th to October 20th, the Showcase, organized by NVIDIA, was successfully held at the Ya’an Big Data Industry Park. IHS was selected for the Showcase and received high attention from leaders and judges at the event.

01 About the NVIDIA Inception Showcase 2023- Midterm Showcase

The 2023 NVIDIA Inception Showcase involved a Chinese nationwide project collection, selection, substation demonstrations, project roadshows, technology exchange salons, and midway and final showcases, with seven substation showcase conducted in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Beijing.

IHS was selected for the Shenzhen Substation and became one of the 20 key companies participating in this Midterm Showcase. This year’s exhibitors covered emerging and cutting-edge fields like generative AI, large language models, and the metaverse, focusing on NVIDIA technical expert empowerment, project roadshows, demand exchanges, and investment and financing connections.

Nianning Liu, NVIDIA’s Global Vice President, stated that the NVIDIA Inception Showcase has been held seven times since 2017, providing support to many projects. The goal is to build a platform for excellent and potential startups to showcase their achievements and connect with various partners for more resources. This year’s NVIDIA Inception Showcase received over 250 company registrations, with 75 companies presenting at the substation events. NVIDIA hopes to build an AI world with them and our partners and dream of an AI future.

At the event, NVIDIA senior solution architects Yinbo Shu, NVIDIA enterprise-level software service head Xu Zhang, and NVIDIA startup acceleration program manager Sheng Pei shared detailed insights on “Generative AI Universal Solutions,” “NVIDIA AI Software, Embracing the AI iPhone Moment,” and “NVIDIA Startup Acceleration Program.”

02 About IHS’s Participation

At the NVIDIA Midterm Showcase, IHS displayed its milestone product EndoGITrain™ GI Lite Device. Cleverly utilizing NVIDIA GPU, NVIDIA FLEX, and NVIDIA CLARA, the product commercialized the medical metaverse concept and fully demonstrated IHS’s achievements in applying intelligent haptic technology in the field of simulated medicine.

Nianning Liu and other leading guests visited the IHS booth and tried the product.

IHS’s product showcased realistic visual imagery and lag-free high-fidelity tactile interaction, bridging real and virtual environments and achieving real-time bidirectional interaction between users and the metaverse environment. This greatly enhanced the realism and immersive experience. After experiencing it, Nianning commented: Medical simulation and digital reconstruction are very promising application directions.

IHS is a pioneer in applying core technology in medical scenarios, creating the industry-leading bionic visual-tactile interactive terminal. It covers teaching and training needs for digestive and respiratory internal medicine surgeries, aiming to break the traditional apprenticeship model, revolutionizing the learning curve, and improving efficiency and quality, addressing the shortage of qualified specialist surgeons at its source. It has now achieved commercial sales.

In the roadshow session, IHS co-founder Runwei Lai presented the project to industry experts, investors, and guest judges. After hearing the project report, many investors and guests expressed interest and had in-depth exchanges after the meeting.

Runwei said, IHS’s vision is to create a “Haptics + technology platform” and form a haptic interaction ecosystem, empowering medical, educational, automotive, industrial, social, entertainment, and gaming scenarios, providing immersive and lifelike interactive experiences. Also, to offer a one-stop solution for human-machine interaction in the metaverse and robotics industries.

03 Receiving the “Excellence Enterprise” Certificate

As the event drew to a close, Nianning Liu, NVIDIA’s Global Vice President, and Ming Lou, Director of NVIDIA Startup Ecosystem in China, awarded Midterm Showcase certificates to 20 companies, including IHS.

By participating in the NVIDIA Midterm Showcase, IHS not only introduced more leaders and guests to the products but also received recognition from several NVIDIA experts, further solidifying our development direction and the potential of the technology.

We look forward to IHS attending the “Final Showcase Hall.” Our future collaboration with NVIDIA will deepen. We hope to work together with NVIDIA to advance the deep integration of visual and tactile technologies, bringing immersive and lifelike interactive experiences to users, driving the development of the metaverse industry, and aspiring to become a benchmark enterprise in the metaverse field.